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Challenger Elite
challenger_eliteChallenger Elite (Prefix CE) Challenger Elite is the thin-wall, composite construction blank. In addition to the 7’ series from XL to XXH, United Composites USA under the direction of Randy Penny, collaborated again with Andrew Williams of United Tackle Australia to come up with this very unique line of blanks. The Elite series now includes the 700, 800, 900, and 1000 sub-series’. These are probably the lightest and strongest composite blanks in the world today. They are capable of fishing from 12lb to 60lb test and possibly higher. The sub-series numbers correspond to their overall length. The 700’s have the widest range of applications. The 800-1000’s have taken on the characteristics of our US series of all graphites and turned them into composite construction models. The addition of the 900 and 1000 wahoo models have changed the long rod game with the light weight alternative to other long rods on the market. Surface-Iron to Shark fishermen will find that these blanks are a perfect blend of durability, castability, weight, and power, along with price tags that will surely please the most discerning anglers.


TipButt  WeightMSRP
CE 700XL7’0”MOD-FAST12-2511/2-1 1/26.50.724$112
CE 700L7’0”MOD-FAST15-3011-27.50.714.1$116
CE 700M7’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-37.50.724.2$123
CE 700H7’0”MOD-FAST30-5011-57.50.734.7$130
CE 700XH7’0”MOD-FAST40-6013-680.7456.4$137
CE 700XXH7’0”MOD-FAST50-8013-890.766.7$144
CE 80 Mag8’0”MOD-FAST15-3011-480.766.8$134
CE 80 Mega8’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-5$141
CE 80 Monster8'0"MOD30-5011-8$148
CE 80 Wahoo8'0"MOD30-6011-10$161
CE 800 XF8’0”MOD-FAST15-2511/2-1 1/270.728$128
CE 800 Mag8’0”MOD-FAST20-3011/2-2 1/280.736$130
CE 800 Mega8’0”MOD-FAST25-4013/4-380.744$134
CE 800 Monster8'0"MOD30-5011-58.50.757$135
CE 800 Wahoo8'0"MOD40-6011-8100.764$145
CE 90 Mag9'0"MOD-FAST15-3011-4$150
CE 90 Mega9'0"MOD-FAST20-4011-5$158
CE 90 Monster9'0"MOD30-5011-8$166
CE 90 Wahoo9'0"MOD30-6011-10$181
CE 900 XF9'0"MOD-FAST15-2511/2-1 1/270.778$152
CE 900 Mag9'0"MOD-FAST20-3011/2-2 1/280.788$154
CE 900 Mega9'0"MOD-FAST25-4013/4-380.795$157
CE 900 Monster9'0"MOD30-5011-58.50.811$163
CE 900 Wahoo9'0"MOD30-6011-8100.815$170
CE 900 Del Mar9'0"MOD-FAST30-6011-8100.809$187
CE 100 Mag10'0"MOD-FAST15-3011-4$168
CE 100 Mega10'0"MOD-FAST20-4011-5177$
CE 100 Monster10'0"MOD30-5011-8$186
CE 100 Wahoo10'0"MOD50-8011-10$203
CE 1000 XF10'0"MOD-FAST15-2511/2-1 1/270.792$166
CE 1000 Mag10'0"MOD-FAST20-3011/2-2 1/280.798$169
CE 1000 Mega10'0"MOD-FAST25-4013/4-380.801$173
CE 1000 Monster10'0"MOD30-5011-58.50.798$180
CE 1000 Wahoo10'0"MOD30-6011-8100.842$187
CE 1000 Del Mar10'0"MOD-FAST30-6011-8100.835$210
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