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Challenger Xtreme Rail Rods
challenger_xtreme_railrodChallenger XTreme (Prefix CX) The Challenger XTreme line of Rail Rods were originally designed to meet the needs of the Southern California Long Range fisherman. Approximately 10 years ago, the stigma of resting the rod on the rail during the fight against a trophy sized Yellowfin Tuna was lifted. As the technique developed and anglers progressed in using the leverage of the rail, the cumbersome Randy Penny, who is arguably the most innovative fishing rod blank designer in the world, and now owner of United Composites USA had designed a number of blanks that were key in the progression of the rail rod. Heavy walled fiberglass sleeves, unique blank patterns, and what some have called the greatest blank to ever be built came from the mind of Randy Penny. Although the original set of Rail Rod blanks were designed by Andrew Williams of United Tackle Australia, Mr. Penny has again taken the long range community in a new direction. The CX70 Raptor, Viper, Invictus, and Gladiator represent the market standard in rail rod blanks standing 7’ in length with powers ranging from 60lb up to 200lb+ unlimited. However, recently introduced in February 2015, the CX76 Viper is the first in the line to be stretched to 7’6” and usher in a new era of rail rod fishing! Look for additions to this new CX76 line in the months to come.

ModelLengthActionRatingPcTipButt  WeightMSRP
CX 70 Raptor7’0”MOD-FAST50-801.09.00.85811.5$158
CX 70 Centaur7’0”FAST60-1001.0100.8712.5$171
CX 70 Viper7’0”FAST80-1301.0110.86812.5$176
CX 70 Invictus7’0”FASTUnlimited1.0120.9516.5$193
CX 70 Gladiator7’0”FASTSuper Unlimited1.0130.97819.0$210
CX 76 Raptor7’6”FAST50-801.09.50.870$185
CX 76 Centaur7’6”FAST60-1001.0100.890$199
CX 76 Viper7’6”FAST80-1301.0110.920$206
CX 76 Invictus7’6”FAST100-2001.0121.000$229
CX 76 Invictus7’6”FAST100-2001.0131.020$251
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