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gusaGUSA (Prefix US) This is the product that started it all. The GUSA blank line was originally created back in the 1980’s. The proprietary design was some 30 years ahead of its time. Before there were either Calstar or Seeker brands, the Graphite USA brand was creating industry leading carbon tubular structures in industries outside of fishing. With their unique technology, they entered the fishing industry with products that were far and away the strongest pound for pound of any fishing rod product on the market. That trend continues today with the GUSA series under the United Composites USA banner. Like its predecessors, each blank is made up of 100% Multi-Modulus Carbon Construction and utilizing the Dual Carbon Helix Core. The US line of blanks is our premier product. There is not a fishing rod blank manufactured to such exacting standards and construction. All of the blanks in this line are 100% Carbon Graphite. They utilize a dual helix core and multi-modulus layered construction. The series includes applications from 4’ unlimited blue water trolling blanks to 10’ one-piece live bait and surf casting blanks, to 2pc popping rods and GT blanks. This product line continues a long tradition of high quality fishing rods.

TipButt  WeightMSRP
US 55XO5’6”FAST20-4012-470.574.55$126
US 55XOS5’6”MOD30-5013-67.50.584.9$136
US 55XXOS5’6”MOD40-6014-890.625.2$140
US 60XO6’0”FAST20-4012-470.585.25$138
US 60XOS6’0”MOD30-5013-67.50.595.6$149
US 60XXOS6’0”MOD40-6014-890.655.8$153
US 65M6’6”MOD-FAST12-2011-360.512.93$134
US 65MH6’6”FAST15-2511-46.50.564.3$140
US 65HL6’6”FAST20-3012-47.50.6055.45$144
US 65H6’6”MOD-FAST20-4012-47.50.6055.5147$
US 65HP6’6”FAST30-5012-580.6525.6153$
US 65XO6’6”FAST20-4012-470.595.6$151
US 65XOS6’6”MOD30-5013-67.50.615.8$161
US 65XXOS6’6”MOD40-6014-890.686.13$167
US 70LM7’0”MOD-FAST8-1711/2 - 25.50.533.03$153
US 70M7’0”MOD-FAST12-2011-360.543.13$156
US 70MH7’0”FAST15-3011-46.50.584.4$158
US 70H-L7’0”FAST20-3011-57.50.615.65$160
US 70H7’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-57.50.615.7$161
US 70XO7’0”FAST20-4012-470.615.95$163
US 70XOS7’0”MOD-FAST30-6013-67.50.636.3$173
US 70HP7’0”FAST30-5012-580.685.81$175
US 70XH7’0”MOD-FAST30-6013-68.50.6456.74$183
US 70XXH7’0”MOD-FAST40-6013-890.66$195
US 70 Monster7’0”MOD30-6011-890.6825.13$177
US 70 Wahoo JR7’0”MOD-FAST40-6011-8100.796.1$195
US 70 Predator7’0”MOD-FAST50-8011-10100.8186.9$213
US 76MH7’6”FAST15-3011-46.50.594.75$163
US 76H-L7’6”FAST20-3011-57.50.636.1$167
US 76H7’6”MOD-FAST20-4011-57.50.636.15$171
US 76 Tilefish Jr7’6”FAST25-4011-57.50.746.7$177
US 76HP7’6”FAST30-5012-580.716.47$183
US 80MH8’0”FAST15-3011-46.50.615.07$176
US 80H-L8’0”FAST20-3011-57.50.676.75$179
US 80H8’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-57.50.676.8$183
US 80HP8’0”FAST30-5012-580.757$196
US 78F7’8”FAST12-2511-36.50.7$132
US 78 XF7’8”X-FAST12-2511-370.7$139
US 78 Mag7’8”FAST15-3011-480.7$148
US 78 Mega7’8”MOD-FAST20-4011-580.727$161
US 80 Bay Bass8’0”X-FAST10-2013/8-170.60$157
US 80 XF8’0”X-FAST12-2511-370.73$157
US 80 Mag8’0”FAST15-3011-480.74$172
US 80 Mega Bass8’0”MOD-FAST15-4011-680.605$178
US 80 Mega8’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-580.728$178
US 80 Monster8’0”MOD30-6011-880.766$182
US 80 Tilefish8’0”FAST30-6011-1080.769$194
US 80 Wahoo8’0”MOD50-8011-10100.769$207
US 80 Predator8’0”MOD-FAST40-8011-810$241
US 85 XF8’6”X-FAST12-2511-370.732$170
US 85 Mag8’6”FAST15-3011-480.735$182
US 85 Mega8’6”MOD-FAST20-4011-580.735$186
US 85 Monster8’6”MOD30-6011-88.50.8$193
US 90XF9’0”X-FAST12-2511-370.784$178
US 90 Mag9’0”FAST15-3011-480.793$191
US 90 Mega9’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-580.796$195
US 90 Monster9’0”MOD30-6011-88.50.819$201
US 100XF10’0”X-FAST12-2511-370.792$187
US 100 Mag10’0”FAST15-3011-480.798$200
US 100 Mega10’0”MOD-FAST20-4011-580.801$203
US 100 Monster10’0”MOD-FAST30-6011-88.50.819$210
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