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Xtreme Composite

The Xtreme Composite Rail Rods are an anomaly. They are a complete departure from the other blanks on the market designed for the same purpose. In 2014, Randy Penny, who designed the original 2×4 rail rod, revisited the designs and tooling and came up with an option to have just a little more leverage built into rods. These new designs are in the form of 3 new 7’6” models. Each of the new blanks is actually different from the original 7’ models. The patterning and tooling was changed to allow for a slightly different action to accommodate the angler at a slightly longer length. You will note that there is no 7’6” Gladiator. Randy believes that a slightly longer Gladiator may actually be too much rod for the average angler fishing above the 150lb test mark.

The Xtreme Composite Rail Rod line is comprised of 7 different models. These models all have their own preferred use and application, but they are all of the same high quality and finish standards that go into each and every UC product. They feature the Heavy Duty ALPS deep pressed ss316 ring guides with Zirconia rings. They are triple wrapped and include Randy’s innovative hybrid cold shrink handle. This handle combines the durability of the cold shrink with the comfort of hypalon in areas where an angler may be required to grab and pull for those last two feet of line!

RCX RailRods – Hypalon Grips W/3M Coldshrink Inlay for durability, ALPS Aluminum Reel Seat, Heavy Duty ALPS S-6 SS Deep Pressed Ring Guides, Triple Black Wraps with Silver trim bands and Blue and Red Accents

Xtreme Composite Rail Rods

RCX70 Raptor7’0”MOD-FAST50-801$456.00
RCX70 Centaur7’0”FAST60-1001$460.00
RCX70 Viper7’0”FAST80-1301$465.00
RCX70 Invictus7’0”FAST130-2001$487.00
RCX70 Gladiator7’0”MOD-FAST150+1$496.00
RCX76 Raptor7’6”MOD-FAST50-801$494.00
RCX76 Centaur7’6”FAST60-1001$500.00
RCX76 Viper7’6”FAST80-1301$507.00
RCX76 Invictus7’6”FAST130-2001$533.00
RCX76 Gladiator7’6”FAST150+1$549.00
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