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zeusZeus – “The God of Sky, Thunder, and ruler of the Olympians.” It is said that Zeus was the greatest of the Greek Gods. The same could be said about the Zeus line of deep jigging blanks. In the traditional realm of deep jigging, there are likely no other blanks better suited for the battles waged against trophy size game fish. The Zeus lineup has a variety of actions for the discerning jig fisherman. Unlike other jigging blanks on the market, the Zeus line is made up of models specific to certain sizes and styles of jigs. They are typically for the larger size jigs and have the power to not only move the jigs and employ the correct actions, but also to dominate the fish and not the fisherman. These blanks are designed with moderate actions, significant back-bone, and are short in overall length to maximize the leverage an angler can put on a fish. All Zeus blanks are composite in construction and because of this have extraordinary durability and strength.

Max DragTipButtWeightMSRP
Zeus-16’2”MODPE 1-21.085-12015lb7.50.5754.5$121
Zeus-26’0”MODPE 2-41.0100-20020lb8.00.5875.3$125
Zeus-35’10”MODPE 4-61.0200-30025lb8.50.595.4$128
Zeus-45’6”MODPE 6-81.0250-40030lb9.50.5956.1$132
Zeus-55’2”MODPE 8-101.0400-60045lb9.50.616.8$139
Zeus-65’2”MODPE 10-121.0500-70055lb9.50.6156.9$139
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