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Dear United Composites USA Family,

One year ago, things were happening at a blindingly fast pace.  We had just revived the production of the highly sought after United Composites/GUSA (Graphite USA) product lines.  We had assembled a new team of highly skilled technicians ready to take on the new processes involved in building these SHX and DHX designed blanks.  It was only a short period before we had the whole shop buzzing with the sounds of the highest quality blanks being pushed through the processes.

Today, we have not only our blank production up and running, but we’ve also added two lines of finished rods being produced for those who don’t want to have a custom rod built.  There is also a third on the way and several Private Label products on the way.  We have developed some new product for the mix as well.  The 2014-2015 long range season saw the birth of the CX76 Viper Rail Rod and preceding it was the now famous US80 Tilefish blank.  These two blanks are promising to revolutionize the San Diego Long Range fishing technique forever.

The CX76 Viper is in truth 7’8” un-trimmed and offers the longest length in a production rail rod blank.  Furthermore, the blank also features the smallest tip and butt diameters of any blank in its class.  The initial run of blanks was met with incredible enthusiasm and as we near the beginning of the 2015-2016 Long Range season, it is sure to be another hit.

The US80 Tilefish was a special request from Michael Garone from the east coast.  Their technique for fishing trophy Tilefish is to have a lighter, sensitive tip, but enough backbone to be able to drive the hook into the fish’s mouth in spite of the significant weights that they fish with.  Because of Michael’s ability to articulate the needs of the fisherman, we were able to come up with the right combination of elements and the US80 Tilefish was born.  Now, along both coasts, fishermen are finding that the Tilefish is one of the greatest new actions they have seen.

With all of this in mind, the company is still yet expanding its offerings to you the consumer.  Right around the 1-year anniversary of this company, the dormant Pep Jigs and Killer Jig companies were brought back to life.  During a time when the West Coast was primed to accept a new jig company, the Pep and Killer Jigs were readied for market.  Just as in the renaissance of the United Composites USA brand, the re-introduction of the jig companies was welcomed with open arms by stores who cater to the jig throwing market.

As you can see, we have had an extremely busy year.  We are working now on the 2016 season and looking forward to continuing to serve you, the fishing community with even greater products both in blanks, rods, and jigs.  We thank you for your continued support and loyalty!


Randy Penny

Owner, United Composites USA


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