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Challenger Advantage

challenger_advantageThe Challenger Advantage Blank Series shares common materials and construction to our other “Composite” construction blanks. However, unlike all of the others, these blanks utilize more glass and less graphite in their layup. This line of blanks represents the United Composites’ most traditional actions and weights. For most of these models, they are heavy wall construction, E-Glass single helix core, and standard modulus longitudinal graphite. They have actions that rival the other traditional glass and graphite blanks in these categories and are comparable in weight, at the same time preserving the durability that all United Composites product share.

Because of the construction of these blanks, we are able to offer them at much lower prices than our their products. You will find that the entire line is at the lowest end of our pricing spectrum but without sacrificing quality and performance.

ModelLengthActionRatingPcTipButt  WeightMSRP
CA 55M5’6”FAST12-25180.595.8$88
CA 55MH5’6”FAST15-3018.50.616.6$89
CA 55MH-F5’6”X-FAST15-4018.50.657$89
CA 55H5’6”FAST20-4018.50.737.35$92
CA 55HP5’6”FAST30-50190.758.05$96
CA 55XH5’6”FAST50-80190.799.3$100
CA 60ML6’0”FAST12-2017.50.616.3$91
CA 60M6’0”FAST12-25180.6556.5$92
CA 60MH6’0”FAST15-3018.50.677.7$94
CA 60MH-F6’0”X-FAST15-4018.50.698.4$94
CA 60H6’0”FAST20-4018.50.758.75$96
CA 60H-F6’0”FAST30-5018.50.778.6$98
CA 60HP6’0”FAST50-80190.759.1$99
CA 60XH6’0”FAST50-100190.8210.5$103
CA 70ML7’0”FAST12-2017.50.677.7$94
CA 70M7’0”FAST12-25180.698.05$99
CA 70MH7’0”FAST15-3018.50.7158.75$98
CA 70MH-F7’0”X-FAST15-4018.50.739.45$98
CA 70H7’0”FAST20-4018.50.739.8$98
CA 70H-F7’0”FAST30-5018.50.89.6$100
CA 70HP7’0”FAST50-80190.8210.5$102
CA 70XH7’0”FAST50-100190.8712$108
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